5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Construction Estimating Software

September 15, 2022

Technology now adjoins all areas of business, and the construction sector has followed. It is quickly and fully embracing digital technology in the form of construction estimating software for fear of being phased out by slow, inefficient methods. 

But given all the software solutions available, how should you select the correct one? We provide some tips on what you can consider:

5 Things To Look For in Construction Estimating Software 

1. A Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-based estimating software is preferable to traditional desktop solutions for obvious reasons. You can access project data from anywhere, allowing you to operate remotely, and cloud-based data is a safe choice in case devices are stolen or damaged. 

All project team members can have access to data, which translates into faster work completion and improved productivity.  

2. Integration With Other Digital Tools 

As a construction business, you likely have multiple business-related software for project management, accounting, or other work areas. Select construction estimating software that seamlessly integrates with other digital tools. 

This eliminates project delays and data silos and encourages the uninterrupted flow of data from one system to the other. 

3. Cost

Construction estimating software with the best features and interface might not always be a solution you can afford. 

Consider the option that will provide the best value within your budget. It should align with your company's operating model, the present volume of operations, and the potential for future expansion. Speak to similar businesses, read online customer reviews and ask for recommendations. 

4. Available Features

There are many software options on the market, each with unique features and capabilities depending on users' needs. A basic estimating program might meet your needs today, but if you plan on expansion and growth, your needs for more complex features will arise. Consider solutions that can provide extras like:

  • Planning and scheduling functions
  • Quantity take-offs
  • Cash flow and valuations tools
  • Master templates
  • Forecasting abilities
  • Subcontractor management modules

5. Support

Adopting new digital solutions can be overwhelming and challenging to implement, especially if you were used to doing things a certain way before. Choose a solution that offers excellent technical support. A business with a sound support system in place will usually have customer testimonials on its website, a direct contact number or an online support channel. 

ProContractor™ by Quest Construction Software

ProContractor™ is the ideal solution as it ticks all the above boxes! It is a unique multi-discipline construction estimating software that uses state-of-the-art technology to generate construction estimates.

It speeds up product completion, works seamlessly with other digital tools, improves planning, and is incredibly flexible for any industry. ProContractor™ has support specialists available round the clock to help you utilise the tool to grow your business.

Quest Construction Software can help set up and implement ProContractor™ for your construction business. Contact us today.