Construction Safety Management Software

Enforce Safety Processes and Compliance on-site

Novade Safety is used to manage safety procedures on construction sites such as Permits To Work (PTWs) or Non-Conformances (NCs). Paper forms are replaced by an easy-to-use mobile application. All key stakeholders are engaged in key processes:

  • Sub-contractors can submit data from mobile devices and are notified when actions or the validation of actions is required.

  • Safety officers can conduct safety inspections and validate PTWs instantly. Corrective actions are easy to check and monitor.

  • Site managers can monitor the status of all PTWs and NCRs in real time from their desktop or mobile devices.

Novade Safety is a formidable platform to improve safety project after project. By capturing data day after day, you can analyse data, identify trends, draw correlations and ultimately improve safety on projects.

Two men looking at a phone screen on a work site.

Permits to Work

  • Digital forms for Permits to Work (PTWs) such as hot work permits, lifting, and work at height.

  • Customise workflows for each PTW.

  • Add people to a PTW and view their qualifications.

  • Submit, review and approve PTWs directly from mobile devices.

  • Sign off digitally on forms.

Safety Inspections

  • Lodge non-conformities during inspections: select standard descriptions, take and annotate pictures, and more.

  • Assign corrective actions on the spot with starting data, completion and level of severity.

  • Monitor corrective actions.

  • Confirm corrective action completion and get acknowledgement

Analyse Incident Reports and Near-Misses

  • Customise digital forms to match your Incident, Accident or Near Miss Reports.

  • Input information in the field from mobile devices: hazards, hazard sources, root causes, etc.

  • Review information: Identify corrective and preventive actions.

  • Conduct analytics: frequency, most common sources, correlations.


  • Digitise meeting reports: this includes toolbox meetings, incident & risk-assessment reviews, weekly safety meetings, and more.

  • Simplify the attendee confirmation process.

  • Track workers attendance for each meeting.

  • Review all the meetings conducted on the project at a glance.

  • Attach files to each meeting.

  • Generate meeting reports in PDF format.