Track and Manage
Assets Platform

Optimize allocations. Track and maintain assets. Prevent theft.

Novade Logistics helps manage various types of assets – equipment, tools, materials – on multiple sites. Novade Logistics is a collaborative system:

  • Logistics teams have an overview of assets across multiple projects.

  • Project teams can manage, on a daily basis, information related to their project assets.

  • Maintenance teams can access real-time information and history for all assets.

Track and Manage Assets

  • Import your existing equipment information to create a central database.

  • Edit data for all equipment easily on the web or on mobile.

  • Access data in the field from any mobile device.

  • Locate assets on maps.

  • Dashboards provide critical information such as inventory, maintenance due, etc.

  • Use NFC Tags or QR Codes.

Optimise Allocations

  • Manage allocations and transfer of assets from one site to the other:

  • Submit requests from sites

  • Approve allocations. Access in real time.

  • Schedule transfers.

  • Acknowledge transfers.

  • Optimize asset procurement with utilization forecast from projects.

  • Control equipment cost with daily forecasts for all projects.

Manage Equipment Maintenance & Safety Processes

  • Combine Logistics with the Novade Maintenance module to manage the maintenance of equipment:

  • Schedule maintenance inspections.

  • Manage requests and repairs.

  • Archive all records for your equipment.

  • Combine Logistics with the Novade Safety module to manage equipment safety processes:

  • Conduct daily checklists.

  • Manage equipment safety processes.

  • Access all safety information in real time.