Integrated Building Estimating Software

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Introducing the most powerful estimating product on the market.

Quest Construction Software is an exclusive ProEst reseller to Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

ProEst® is a powerful Cloud based estimating platform that helps companies like yours quickly create accurate, competitive bids for your construction projects.

With ProEst’s construction bidding process, you can create estimates, perform digital takeoffs, store project drawings and manage the bid day process using a single easy to use solution.

Integrated Building Estimating Software

Builder looking at computer screen smiling and on phone. Estimate Centre

All estimates are stored in a single place for quick access. Search by estimate code, description, estimator or type ... More ›

two men in high vis outside looking at a laptopEstimate Details

Each estimate contains includes document storage, estimate sheets, digital takeoffs, summary mark-ups and More ›

two professionals looking at a laptop and taking. Digital Takeoffs

Digital takeoff technology is built in, which gives you the flexibility to perform takeoffs or overlay existing measures .... More ›

Women working on computer screenReporting

Flexible and robust reporting features allow you to generate the highest quality reports, such as labour reports ... More ›

ProEst® Software

Key benefits :

  • No installation of software or complex & costly servers, fully browser based so everyone in the company can gain access.

  • Powerful designed workflows so each user in your company can work unison with multi-user takeoff and estimates for fast collaborative estimates.

  • Beautiful inbuilt report and graphs with robust customisable reporting and proposal forms

  • API’s that integrate to accounting and project management software so there is no double handling.

So why use ProEst?
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