Workforce Management and Monitoring Platform

All Records in One Database

Novade Workforce management is a collaborative system to manage and monitor workforces in the field:

  • Site managers can access real-time information on resource allocation, location and activity.

  • Employees can verify their data on their mobile devices.

  • HR can access and update all records in real time.

  • Finance can use digital timecard reports to automatically compute payrolls.

All records related to internal employees and external resources are entered into a single database. The information is available in real time on web and mobile devices.

Create, Customise & Manage Your Resource Database

  • Each employee has a profile page with key information.

  • Create teams and groups to reflect the management structure.

  • Allocate each resource to a project.

  • Analyse all information with real-time dashboards and reports.

  • Real time GPS location for resources on site equipped with Android devices.

  • Utilise flexible access rights and editing rights.

Use Digital Timecards to Monitor & Report Activities

  • Plan and report the time spent by teams in the field.

  • Submit check-in and check-out times for each employee.

  • Monitor the overtime approval process in real-time.

  • Plan activities, assignments and validations.

  • Complete digital signatures for timecard submission and approval.

  • Automatically generate payroll reports.