ProContractor 3D Earthwork Software

ProContractor™ 3D Earthworks Software

Powerful Cut & Fill Earthwork Measuring & Estimating Software for Contractors.

  • On-screen image files, Vector or CAD enabled

  • Overlay image files with independent scales

  • Use boring information for substrata volume calculations

  • Apply pipe inverts – calc. export, bedding, backfill

  • Multiple area volumes – bedding, road base, topsoil

  • Takeoff quantities Review 3D, cross section and volume grid views.

Earthwork Measuring Software

ProContractor Earthwork is purpose built for measuring Earthwork cut and fill and Under Ground Utilities.

Estimators relying on their surveyor or consultant engineer to measure and produce quantities will find value in producing volumes that reflect how earthwork jobs are built. Stripping topsoil whilst calculating to sub-grade for accurate cut and fill volumes is one of many advantages Earthwork will provide.

Advanced Earthwork Takeoff Software Features from Image, Vector or CAD Files – enable contractor’s takeoff attributes tailored for earthwork cut and fill measuring. Generate accurate cut and fill quantities straight from digital site plans in record time. ProContractor enables digital plan overlays allowing Estimators to measure Earthwork Takeoffs at different scales, alternatively matchline chainages for larger roadwork or rail projects.

Advanced Features for Sitework Estimators – gives Estimators a competitive advantage. Features like snap to grid provides Estimators automatic transfer of PDF’s annotations to the Takeoff screen. Contours, kerb lines or pad outlines are automatically updated so measuring is quick and accurate. Geo-Tech information can be entered by boring location enabling easy assessment of substrata layers and material type for cut / fill or cut to export cost calculations.

More Knowledge Means Tighter Underground Utilities Costs – for Estimators measuring drainage, sewer or telecommunication services. ProContractor automatically calculates trench profiles, pipe diameters, and bedding types. Earthworks’ summary window will generate accurate excavation, bedding volume, backfill, and spoil volumes. Users can also apply depth ranges to easily calculate length of trench within a predetermined depth range.

GPS, AutoCAD and Machine Control – have been around for many years but the clever Earthwork Contractors and developers know the value of comparing Estimated to Actual onsite levels by way of CAD output and input comparison. Use ProContractor’s powerful balancing feature to easily and quickly adjust levels to determine the most cost effective way to build the job. And if you have machine control capabilities, ProContractor natively exports to both Topcon and Trimble files formats.

If you would like to know more about our powerful earthwork estimating and measuring software, please get in touch with our friendly team of Construction Technology Consultants

Earthwork 3D Screenshots