Data to Drive Results Platform

Data to Drive Results

Analytics that translate field data into insights for decision makers.

Novade Insight is a new functionality enabling clients to conduct data analytics with powerful dynamic dashboards and to generate data rich reports.

This new functionality is limited to clients who have signed - or are negotiating - an enterprise agreement. Novade Insight dashboards can be accessed on the web platform in each module.

This functionality is new and in Beta version for the Quality, Safety and Workforce modules.

Data to Drive Results

Novade Helps You:

  • Identify top performers

  • Identify patterns and trends.

  • Measure and analyse field performance.

  • Define and track operational processes.

  • Track digital transformation adoption.

  • Benchmark projects and suppliers.

So Your Team Can:

  • Attract and retain talent; Select and work with the best suppliers.

  • Execute preventive measures to enhance quality and safety.

  • Improve field efficiency.

  • Optimise site processes.

  • Manage change successfully.

  • Apply best practices across all projects.