Project Quality Management Software

Manage Project Quality from Construction to Handover

Novade Quality is a complete solution engaging all key stakeholders on the project:

  • Teams in the field can easily conduct inspections, manage defect rectification, and capture data with mobile devices.

  • Sub-contractors can access and update information in real time on their mobile devices.

  • Management and project teams can track and monitor the project status with dashboards and reports.

  • Homeowners can also be involved in the process on residential projects during the handover phase.

By using standard definitions, checklists and punch lists, teams can analyse data, identify trends, draw correlations and ultimately improve quality on projects while reducing costs.

person looking at plans on a phone

Conduct Quality Inspections with Digital Forms

  • Customize digital forms such as structural, M&E, or architectural forms.

  • Deploy custom workflows for each digital form.

  • Complete the digital forms with mobile devices.

  • Access the latest drawings from mobile devices to facilitate quality control checks.

  • Digitally sign forms and automatically archive them for easy retrieval.

  • Monitor the status of all forms in real time.

Identify Defects & Manage Rectification

  • Lodge defects during inspections: select standard descriptions, take and annotate pictures, locate defects on a drawing.

  • Assign work on the spot with starting date, completion date, and assigned contractor.

  • Give sub-contractors access to update defect and inspection information on their mobile devices.

Manage Handover & Commission Processes

For residential projects, homeowners are provided with a mobile application to:

  • Access information on their home.

  • Report issues.

  • Track the rectification status.

The system improves communication and facilitates coordination during the entire process.