Construction Software Consulting, Software Implementation and Ongoing Support

Through in-depth construction software consulting, step-by-step implementation and dedicated support, Quest Construction Software can provide the ultimate project management, estimating and accounting solutions.

Our dedicated team of experienced construction technology consultants assists you in streamlining processes through technology, minimising costs and improving your bottom line.

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Construction Software Consulting

The Quest Team understands there is no one technology or solution fit for all construction companies. Each company has their own unique requirements, business history and personality. In the ever-changing construction industry, our Construction Technology Consultants can guide your business towards the most cost effective IT, software and best practice construction software implementation strategy.

Construction job cost accounting software is it’s own discipline. Inexperienced contractors typically get trapped running inconsistent budget spreadsheets often resulting in end-of-project profitability clawback strategies. Understanding the importance of sub-ledger reporting, using consistence work break down structures (WBS), integrated payroll and overhead burdens will provide large returns to contractors. With the correct systems, maintaining project management visibility through managing by exception and front-end profitability methods will insure a solid foundation for success.

Solid estimating methods are the cornerstones towards effective project hand-over. Often estimating tools and processes are built up from legacy systems, past employees or home grown trial and error.

  • Does your business recognise the difference in first principle vs. unit cost estimating and when to use each method?

  • Can your company budgets quickly segregate hard dollar cost versus project and company overheads?

  • Does the business leverage 360 cost reporting: awarded estimate > project > future estimate baseline reporting?

Key to contractors’ success is stakeholder vision towards on-going construction business improvement. The Quest Team has a wide knowledge base from Construction Accounting, Project Management, Construction Mobile Solutions, Estimating to I.T. infrastructure. Quest will guide your business towards incremental improvements that build an on-going opportunity for success.

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The key to a contractors success is the stakeholders vision towards on-going business improvement.

Construction IT

We Only Do Construction IT

Each GAP in your construction business technologies typically reflects double handling, opportunity for mistakes and profit leak.

Construction IT solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Because so much is out of the end-users control, your businesses I.T. decisions should be looked at as forecasted opportunities not a destination. Whether it’s browser-based accounting software or on-premise document storage, each solution should have a purpose to match your companies budget, location and longer-term technology strategy.

Quest has spent over 15 years guiding construction companies through the decision-making processes. We have in-depth knowledge of current software offerings best fit for contractors and what constitutes smart short and long-term IT strategies. Our managed services put the risk on us to deliver continued up-time so you can do what you do best – construction.

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Quest will match your preferred software to an implementation budget and rollout strategy ...

Construction Software Implementation

As construction consultants for over 15 years, Quest knows from experience that implementing construction software requires a different set of considerations then other industries. The good news is - following some simple guidelines, the roll out of your construction software investment doesn’t have to be stressful. If your business is experiencing difficulties tracking project activities, costs and revenues, improving workflow or just determining accurate job cost projections, implementing an integrated project management and estimating solution will undoubtedly smooth out all the wrinkles.

General accounting implementations typically requires a “go live or cut-over”. Construction Job Cost Accounting software has more working parts. The added complexity of running projects and their balances along with setting up continuity between existing estimating processes and new project structures can create added challenges.

These new processes should not be implemented in silos, a “phased” implementation strategy is generally a smoother, less disruptive implementation. This enables often segmented business units to come together towards a unified business wide approach.

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The roll out of your construction software investment doesn’t have to be stressful ...

Custom Reporting

Build a culture of reliable actionable reporting

Off the shelf-software very rarely has company specific reporting that perfectly matches your current processes. Industry facing forms will most likely need custom fields, columns and logos. Internal reports may need tweaking or complete rewrites to get the most effective use from your business software.

The Quest Team can help your business scope which reporting initiatives are most cost effective to develop, assuring your investment delivers needed cost benefits. Transform your data to a smarter, quicker way of doing business so key stakeholders and staff are looking at the same single point of truth, reducing inefficient Excel exports, paper printing.

Our Australian based services assure prompt service. Onsite or remote meetings are available depending on your requirements. Quest consultancy and technical service exceed Australian Privacy Act 1988.

SQL Reporting – SSRS
For more than a decade, Quest has been building SSRS reports producing functional, procedural and technical expertise beyond the average consulting firm. When it comes to assessments and roadmaps, we deliver a successful plan where business and IT work together, with the right methodology and tools to achieve your goals.

Crystal Reporting
We help you create accurate, secure and meaningful insight by way of better consolidated reports for up-to-date positions of your business. With Crystal Reports you can deliver business users real value through drill-down reports that are easy to understand.

Power BI
Real-time business intelligence enables business software users up-to-the-minute data by accessing operational systems or loading business transactions into a real-time reports or dashboards by way of Microsoft Power BI. Power BI provides detailed information for instant decision making for those companies that require live and immediate response. Let Quest show you the way!

Quest provides customisable and scalable solutions of SAP BI and BusinessObjects (BOBJ). Our SAP BusinessObjects solutions help companies streamline operations. Comprehensive business intelligence solutions are provided by SAP BI that can empower users to make effective, informed decisions based on data and analysis. Using SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, Quest enables analytics, dashboards, visualisation, information infrastructure, query, reporting, analysis, search and exploration.

Logos of Microsoft SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Power BI and SAP.

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