Maintenance Management Platform

Plan, Inspect, Repair, Report

Novade Maintenance helps schedule and automate inspections in the field, track repair activities and generate real-time reports.

Novade Maintenance is a collaborative system:

  • Technicians can access and input data on assets during inspections.

  • Managers can plan, monitor and validate inspections.

  • Customers can request repair jobs and access reports.

Create, Customise & Manage Your Database

  • Import data from Excel or use our web services and APIs to exchange data with your existing enterprise solution.

  • Add specific fields to match your current database structure.

  • Create custom checklists for each type of asset with customisable approval workflows.

  • Locate and access asset data with GPS tagging, barcode scanning, or NFC Tags.

  • Manage maintenance contracts and spare parts.

Manage Preventive Maintenance

  • Schedule inspections and meter reading jobs online.

  • Notify technicians in real time.

  • Complete and submit maintenance checklists.

  • Approve and archive reports.

  • Access data analytics in real time on all your assets.

Requests & Repairs

  • Collect requests from users with a mobile application.

  • Assign repair jobs to technicians in real time.

  • Approve and archive repair jobs.

  • Check time spent on each job.

  • Monitor Assets’ service level agreements.

  • Conduct data analytics on all your assets.