Software Premium Services

Premium Services

What does this mean for you

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces Hourly Rate

  • Increased response time - dedicated resource to contact,
    escalate and test Viewpoint One improvements.

  • Live chat support

We also have a Customer Portal - quick access on active or
completed projects with visibility of budget vs. hours worked
and email correspondence.

A better way to meet your needs

At Quest, we believe that construction software can make major improvements to the operations of your business.  We know that one of the most frustrating experiences you can have when using construction software is prolonged response times.  We also know that most businesses delay opportunities for improvement because of the large time-commitment required to make them happen within a short period that delay other projects.

We believe that our clients do not want to settle for this status quo.  They want to push the envelope, to continue to improve their business and to receive service above and beyond what is available to them on a regular basis.

To meet these needs, Quest has developed our new Premium Service Model; a new way of providing service to you as one of our most loyal clients, including:

Support Focus: Dedication to Vista efficiency, the Quest Team knows Vista - your tech projects, issues or general questions are quickly responded to.  
Customer Portal:  Dedicated web portal to check on job and ticket status - submit requests and monitor outstanding items.
Phone support: Convenience of Australian support, raise support tickets or speak directly with your implementation specialist.  
Live chat support: Real-time instant messaging for quick questions, troubleshooting, or providing quick guidance so you can keep your business running smoothly.