Vista for HR Management and Payroll in Construction

August 26, 2022

Construction accounting software helps businesses track income and expenses, budget for projects, and facilitate payroll. Some software includes features that help manage contracts and payments. 

If you are a small business or startup, you may not be able to afford a complete HR system or team to manage employees and their needs. But there are quite a few factors that can be automated through online accounting software. 

Online accounting software can automatically generate invoices and track payments, project budgets and track expenses. This allows you to control costs and stay on budget. 

Vista Accounting Software : Features and Benefits 

The in-depth functionality of different construction project aspects sets Vista Accounting Software apart from others. With a wide range of features, Vista helps increase efficiency and profitability with the market's most comprehensive construction software solution.

HR and payroll management 

The Vista Accounting Software brings almost all your business processes to your fingertips. It allows the HR team to schedule time off, enter personal time, update personal information, access earnings, and view SSRS reports. HR and payroll management will become much easier as the software is easy to use, faster to access, and works on any device.

Job cost accounting 

With Vista Accounting Software, construction businesses can enter job cost information manually or import it from other accounting software systems. The software allows the tracking of billable and non-billable expense items and runs reports on job costs. 

Document management 

Vista offers a complete document management solution that is easy to use and helps you stay organised. You can store all your essential documents in one place and access them from anywhere. 

Field management 

This feature allows users to easily create and manage work orders, track expenses, schedule appointments, and dispatch employees. The software also includes a mapping component that tracks your field workers' locations in real-time. 

Specifically designed with contractors in mind, Vista offers a wide range of features that will reduce the burden on your HR staff and provide your employees with the convenience and ease of use of a self-service portal. Contact Quest Construction Software to find out more.