Quest Partners with ProEst Cloud Estimating Platform

September 11, 2020

ProEst is leading the way in Cloud Commercial Estimating. With 30 years of estimating software success, ProEst Cloud is ProEst Inc.'s next generation of estimating software. Located in San Diego California, ProEst Inc and Quest Construction Software Pty Ltd. have partnered to create an Australian based support and sales team.

The term Platform represents the ProEst Cloud vision of an all inclusive solution that manages contractors opportunities and escalates estimates by custom work flows, connecting job costing and accounting systems via API’s

  • Centralised Tender Registry and Graphical Reporting
  • Integrated Takeoff to Estimate
  • Subcontract Comparision
  • Custom Reporting and API Integrations
  • Unlimited number of users and data storage

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“Partnering with a best in class Cloud Estimating Platform is a terrific opportunity for Quest customers. The commitment to regionalise ProEst for the Australian market will bring features and terminology that users expect.” Eric Silcott, Director of Sales

ProEst brings a new vision to commercial estimating software by introducing the software as a service (SaaS) model that has already revolutionised many other markets. SaaS has become a common term in the software industry, though contractors have been historically slow to adapt to new technology. COVID-19 has amplified the requirement of flexible estimating solutions that enable remote and collabrative work.

Contractors regularly work with three and four estimating tools, often an estimating system with independent takeoff software and few spread sheets – and frequently working in isolation. They are challenged to generate project budgets from awarded estimates, creating time consuming and error prone processes. By contrast, ProEst delivers a seamless environment with several advantages.

Four Key Values

  • All-In Licensing – unlimited users allow all stakeholders access
  • Ease of Use – setup and rollout is made easy with ProEst design and cloud access
  • WorkFlows – automated reporting and collaboration so everyone is notified and tasked actioned
  • Integrations – ProEst is API connectors to ProCore, Viewpoint and MYOB Advanced

“I believe the term Estimate De-Risking is starting to resonate with contractors. Most estimators have preferred tools that are not collaborative and provide little to no management and operational value. Working from a single platform where there are now limitations to the number of users is a game changer” Eric Silcott, Director of Sales