Quest partners with Novade – Enterprise Construction Operations Solution

September 11, 2020

Different than other mobile solutions, Novade puts mobile first with overlayed A.I. Reporting. Novade compiles historical and current project information enabling key stakeholders project analytics not available in competing construction solutions.

  • Safety Workflows
  • Quality Reporting
  • Asset Location and Pre-Starts
  • Work Force Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling

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Quest is proud to announce our partnership with Novade, the next generation in site operations software turning predictive analytics to prescriptive construction methods.

“The Quest Team is excited to be representing such an intuitive product, Novade views construction technology more holistically than any other mobile solution I’ve seen on the market.

We continue to see challenges facing our customers ability to quickly workflow site issues and easily report site Safety, Quality and Production information by element, project, department or business unit. We believe Novade will solve many of the fractured systems and integration struggles our customers are currently faced with.” Eric Silcott, Director of Sales

Four Key Values

  • Increase Construction Quality – improve work rectification with effective workflows
  • Safety / Performance – enhance staff and equipment safety using predictive analytics
  • Increased Systems Efficiencies – reduce paper and technology foot print
  • Improve Client and SubContract Relationships – better correspondence and fact-based reporting