Benefits of Using Construction Estimating Software

August 26, 2022

Construction estimating software has greatly improved the calculation of accurate costs in construction projects. The software typically includes a library of building materials, labour rates, and other cost data to calculate the project estimate. It requires several factors, such as area, design, materials, and amount of labour, to generate an estimate. 

Some software programs also include features like bid management and project scheduling, which can keep construction projects on track and budget. 

Who Does the Estimating in Construction?

Construction estimating is a complex process of forecasting the quantity or cost of materials, labour, or equipment required for a project. Estimators use various sources of information, such as blueprints, drawings, and specifications, to develop an understanding of the scope of work. 

A construction business dealing with a large civil or commercial project requires a dedicated team of cost estimators and construction managers.

With good quality construction estimating software, a detailed cost estimate can be done quickly and accurately by just about anyone on staff.

Why an Accurate Estimate Is Important

Accurate estimates are critical in construction as it ensures the project stays within budget. Unexpected cost overruns can quickly eat into profits, so it is essential to have clarity on things like material counting or construction time. Accurate estimates allow construction companies to bid on projects with confidence.

Benefits of Using Construction Estimating Software

1. Speed: Construction estimating software can generate an estimate in minutes, which can save time during the bidding process.

2. Accuracy: It eliminates the risk of human error as the software calculates estimates based on data input. 

3. Flexibility: The software allows you to easily make changes to the estimate as needed, which can be helpful if there are changes to the project scope.

4. Collaboration: Multiple users can access and edit the estimate simultaneously, which is helpful when working as a team.

5. Cost savings: Construction estimating software might render a professional estimator obsolete. 

6. More Professional: The construction estimating and management software will help your business look more professional by producing accurate estimates and allowing the customisation of documents.

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