Benefits of Construction Management Software

September 11, 2020

Thirty years in the construction industry has taught me that valuable business systems have a consistant measure of success, more that one single point of financial truth is a recipe for a whole lot of pain.

I'm a implementation manager that relies on deep integrated solutions to deliver positive outcomes for business stakeholders. I’ve worked with almost nearlt every type of contractor and job position in the industry. This article is written to help contractors identify the most effective areas of business systems improvements.

Clear Workflow
What many business owners struggle with is not having standardised processes for completing their jobs from estimate to completion. This can make managing employees and departments difficult when there’s no set workflows, leading to lost time and missallocated resources.

The right software can help automate this key processes so everyone on the team has transparency in their needed areas. Process mapping is the key way to support the team towards a unified effort. Getting all stakeholders involved to prove out how best to transfer critical financial or document information. This map will be unique to the business, business structure and system integrations available. Often a starting place for introducing a software review and potential ROI.


Document Control
By using cloud based storage technology you are safeguarding your business from accidents and data losses. This single-source solution enables clear visibility of all of your data so you can make business decisions conveniently without the clutter of physical documentation.

Cost Control
With software like ProContractorMX every piece of equipment, every employee and all of your time is accounted for so any losses can be pinpointed. Construction technology is really one of the best ways to keep track of everything including the ongoing finances of your business.

Eric Silcott, Director

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