Profit is not a Dirty Word

If your business has been operating in the construction industry for over five years – your team needs to be commended! In this rough and tumble construction industry staying in business is not an easy feat.  Staying in business and executing growing strategies are two very different things.   Contractors are historic for not thinking past the last awarded contract.  So if your business doesn’t have a growth plan there is a high probability it could become an unwanted statistic.

Competitors are not the biggest concern

Some contractors will say “it’s all about price” but those companies are not seeing the bigger picture.  Price is a major element but it’s not the only consideration for savvy customers.  The key is to understand your team’s capabilities and what projects best fit within the company’s portfolio.  Competitiveness will be a product of company understanding, industry knowledge and effective estimate methods.

The ongoing quest towards continued competitiveness requires an honest review of current office and field personnel capabilities and the financial depth and quality assurance the company has in place.  For some sectors this is managed by pre-qualification.  But many companies can easily over extend themselves degrading client services and reputation.

How does your company look at these key elements of business?

  • Is your company easy to work with, is there policies in place that provide a consistent experience for customers?
  • Are estimates considered quotes or proposals? Do estimating methods incorporate construction alternates and pricing options?
  • Is service work based on set margins or inconsistent invoicing?
  • Are variations looked at evening the score or client services?
  • Are subcontractors just another cap off the rank or partnership towards a common goal?
  • Is warranty work quickly disputed or analysed and determined by responsibility?

Business and employee ethics is in a constant struggle within the construction industry.  But there are ways managers and owners can remove some of the ambiguity.  Construction software customised to match the company’s personality, ethics and growth strategy can be a corner stone towards achieving ongoing competitiveness.  Where does the company want to go? How is it going to get there? Can it quickly determine if current and future employees have the right tools to take the company towards the desired goal?

Quest is focused on delivering the solutions to these very difficult challenges. By using ProContractor construction software and Quest Professional Services, construction companies gain deeper insight into business processes while forming a strong base of technology to enable employees and owners the ability to contribute towards the company’s growth strategies.

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