The Untold Story of the Daily Struggle

We all know who keeps the gears greased in most construction companies. Construction Administrators continue to prop up, pick up and carry the load of collecting and protecting the money that keep the business in business. These unsung heroes get piled with duties that the rest of the team can’t or don’t want to do. So why in many construction companies do the Office Administrators not have more say in how the business runs?

Maybe it’s because the role is often not well defined. Construction Administrators come from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. They are often assertive, analytical men and women that don’t mind mixing it up in a challenging industry. The character traits that make Administrators effective often works at cross purposes to the business changing procedures. Administrators are natural gate keepers and because they are continually organising chaos, changing processes and procedures are not top on their priority list.

As construction companies grow the procedures to manage payroll, invoicing, tax reporting and OH&S compliance become exponentially more complex. The cat paw syndrome quickly becomes a day to day reality for Administrators. The owner(s) are unable or unwilling to promote change and no one wants to upset the only person(s) that knows how the business works.

So how do you elevate your construction company and leverage the brain trust of Administrators?

A business platform designed by construction companies that clearly sets protocols and responsibilities is a must to organise the business structure for further growth. Increasing overheads and reduced business efficiencies are major issues facing contractors. On top of escalating overheads key personnel dependency can force owners to keep the status quo and delay or forego on any major business improvements.

Included in the above concerns – most small to mid-tier construction companies typically run their business on one of three retail accounting software packages. MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero generally work the same. They are terrific entry level accounting applications but fail miserably for construction companies looking to build better visibility and responsibility throughout the organisation. These construction accounting deficiencies force businesses to run a variety of spreadsheets and or third party project management software that still miss the mark because of the variety of issues that make MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero a none construction accounting system.

Are you able to naturally perform these tasks in your accounting software?

  • Create, escalate and amend payment claims and variations within the software standard invoicing processes
  • Manage committed costs for project forecasting budgets
  • Daily and accurately report project profitability  for all or selected projects
  • Manage cost plus contracts or customer service agreements
  • Receive labour and equipment time cards from site logged by project cost codes

Quest understands the challenges facing construction companies looking to improve and grow.  ProContractor is purpose-built to achieve integration between multiple business elements.  We understand the daily challenges and will work with you to determine best fit towards investment, resources and time line.

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