Do staff need special skills to use ProContractor Job Cost Accounting?


There is much to be gained by refreshing your business processes but when that entails changing software systems many administration staff have difficulty making the transition without bringing baggage.  Most on-the-job educated bookkeepers that have grown their skills in one business would find changing business software a daunting prospect.  But breaking down each process into bite size chunks can remove many of the anxiety one would feel.

Because many mid-tier construction companies rely on a single office manager, their responsibility list can easily grow as they become more proficient at their job.  Payroll, Accounts Payable / Receivable, Progress Claims and other related OH&S and project documentation can easily be placed on administration staff creating a bottle neck in the growth opportunity.  So if you find your business hitting the mid-tier administration ceiling it probably means the number of consecutive projects and contract value will be limited.

The Seven Deadliest Words in Business “We have always done it that way

So what skills do administration staff need to use ProContractor Job Cost Accounting?

  • General Accounting knowledge
  • An interest in business processes
  • Ability to document administration changes
  • An open minded and persistent approach
  • Willingness to change

The fundamental difference in Job Cost Accounting compared to retail based accounting systems is the commitment to supporting Project Reporting.  Company financials are not the centre point of interest and the synchronisation of posting supplier and customer invoices, processing payroll and updating Work In Progress is key to accurate project reporting.

Quest Product Specialists are experienced industry professionals trained in understanding individual and company needs.  Users will have access to training videos, manuals and specialised tools that support different learning styles and implementation time frames.

Anyone with general accounting knowledge can use ProContractor Job Cost Accounting.  It’s the individuals who understand the changing accounting processes required for better project reporting that have the easiest transition into ProContractor Job Cost Accounting.

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