How can construction software assist with my business?

Our Construction Software has the ability to simplify the way you manage your business. It can automate a lot of responsibilities and therefore free up your time to assist with the daily operation and expansion of your business – as well as simplify other roles. ProContractor also ensures that all factors of your business’s finances, bid management, document management and more is accounted for and protected by storage using our Cloud system.

How can I actually use this software while I’m on the job?

Our experienced support team can assist you in organising deployment options so that our business solutions are accessible to you at all times while you manage the business. We can easily setup our software on iPads for yourself and your employees as well as PCs for your administration team and for static management of your business assets, bids and accounting.

How can I improve the profitability of my construction business?

Our management software enables you to have a bird’s eye view over all aspects of your business including the finances, bid management, costing and even earthwork management. Our software ensures that every aspect of your business can be accounted for so that if you’re experience a loss in any area you will be able to pinpoint and make the correction to your business plan.

How do some construction companies manage financial control through the project lifecycle?

Experience has shown the Quest team that companies with a clear visibility of job cost reporting have a much greater chance of sustained profitability.  ProContractor can help you manage your job cost reporting, estimating and accounting requirements and therefore set your business up with the keys to success: accurate estimates and effective job costing.

Read our detailed article which discusses profitability throughout the project lifecycle.

Do staff need special skills to use ProContractor?

The Quest team makes ProContractor extremely easy to use for individuals from all industry sectors and levels of experience. While learning new business software may first appear to be a daunting prospect we can assure you that by the time we’ve gone through the software with you you’ll feel confident to manage your part of the business whether it be administration, accounting, site management and more.

Read more about this issue in our blog which focusses on ProContractor for job cost accounting.

If I need help can I have assistance from the Quest team?

Yes we have a dedicated support team and depending on your plan you may be entitled to different support benefits. To find out more about what each plan is entitled to please see our support page. http://www.questconstructionsoftware.com.au/support/

What gauge can our management team use to forecast the ROI when ProContractor is fully implemented?

The saying “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is very appropriate when implementing software.  Contractors are not exempt from this ROI principle.  Inaccurate budgets, lack of project performance measurements and responsibility and ineffective pricing and variation management all contribute to profit leak.

So how do you measure a construction business platform and the potential cost benefits of ProContractor?

Winning More Work

  • Fully implemented ProContractor will easily result in 20% up to 50% time efficiency towards bid managing and estimating while providing clear break even budgets, claim structures and buyout strategies.

Controlling Project Profitability

  • ProContractor Project Management and Accounting full operational will deliver real-time job cost reporting which includes forecasted costs, overheads burden and earn value WIP reporting. These key reporting tools will drastically reduce profit leak providing savings over 5% for self-performing contractors and over 2% of gross revenue for head contractors.

Though these ROI measurements are not a sure thing, Quest has hundreds of customers that have proven the return on ProContractor investment.  These cost savings don’t include the intangibles like happy or engaged staff, business scalability and improved business value.

To discover how ProContractor can improve variations management within your business please contact us today.

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