Cloud Solutions

Quest deploys private cloud servers for easy and cost effective solution for contractor.

Platform as a Service – creates a virtual desktop environment with the ability to develop and deploy applications. The user maintains ownership of their applications and data without managing the day to day maintenance of server hardware. This is the model used by Quests Cloud Solution and if you decide you would like to move back to on-premise hardware then it is easy to do, with all data intact.

How does it work?

Users are able to log on to a virtual desktop environment via their browser or remote desktop connection, which includes functioning Microsoft Office Licensing and the ability to upgrade to a hosted exchange mailbox. This virtual desktop allows hosted applications, such as the ProContractor software, to be installed and accessed from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Quest Cloud Solution’s Multiple User/Multiple Locations/Full Desktop Experience

  • Server located in a secure and state of the art data centre
  • No upfront hardware costs to run your new software
  • Spread the overall cost over twelve, easy, monthly payments
  • Hosted applications; ProContractor is installed on the cloud server and is available just like any other application on your PC.
  • Full Desktop experience allows access to your desktop from any device anywhere in the world – including smartphones, tablets and your PC
  • Includes Microsoft Office Licensing, with the option to upgrade to a hosted exchange mailbox

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